One Nation. One Solution.

MEDSiS is an international information technology company that provides a platform for Big Data management solutions. Our platform enables access, management, integration, consolidation, machine learning, sharing and distribution, analytics, and artificial general intelligence (AGI). We support Big Data across heterogeneous Enterprise Platforms, Global & National/Regional Organizations, and Governments. Our solutions are cloud hybrid ecosystems that are designed to be mission critical and operate in environments that have volatile infrastructure such as remote and rural access locations.

We offer complete, scalable, market-leading solutions with the simplicity of a user-friendly portal with real-time, efficient reporting. Our products are designed to satisfy the obligations of rapid, mission critical deployments that can be easily integrated to improve existing systems, while remaining economically attractive to our customers. We take safeguarding information seriously, while ensuring optimal performance and the scalability to support a vast array of environments.


Cost Efficient

Once fully integrated, our solution improves the existing systems efficiency by providing optimal performance and simultaneously authenticating data, while eliminating upfront costs of hardware replacement, software licensing, as well as training.


The MEDSiS product suite does not require licensing or arduous timelines to promptly provide peerless performance and superlative security for the data being processed and transmitted, be it at one sole location or a network of limitless locations.


With our Cloud-hybrid design we can decipher and keep frequently used data on site for easy access while simultaneously moving inactive data to the cloud for safekeeping. This allows flexibility towards the storage and budget needs of our Clients.


To ensure the validity of information many “plug-in” options are available to deepen the levels of security, such as: photo recognition, QR codes, mobile apps, text in confirmations, electronic signatures, holograms, and even multi-module bio-metrics.

Immediate Integration

Our system creates an absolute assimilation with any operating system in order to generate a congenial blend into the existing network that results in an instant and continuous live bi-directional communication between the systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Seeks out trends within the data to analyze “cause and effect” for all anomalies found in: population management, refugee registration, epidemic tracking, medication reallocation, registration administration, and even financial inclusion projects.



We have the ability to collect unlimited data sets, clean, unify and reintegrate the information into the existing systems through the use of our proprietary technology; thus, eliminating the need for training, licensing and tech support.



The MEDSiS solution seamlessly fuses with any existing network, regardless of the type of operating system or the size of the network and quantity of deployments. The need for software licensing, training and hardware replacement are completely discarded.


The MEDSiS design can provide as much, or little, as needed to ensure accessibility of information through the combined use of local data storage, as well as, Cloud storage. Our team can also assist in the tedious transfer process, as well.


The MEDSiS development team can provide a Mobile App that connects directly to the database and the services provided. This way the Clients and Users can have access from any device to view and edit their services and individual information.


Our database, intended with the capacity to gather information from limitless applications within the network to simplify and merge data into a single file format that allows centralized access.
Pared with ViSION, CEREBRO cross references between the applications to eliminate duplicates to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the information. This methodology is particularly useful in highly fraudulent distribution markets that require control, such as: identifications, prescriptions, pensions, social assistance, and countless others programs.


Single-portal user interface that satisfies the latest United Nations and World Health Organization’s usability standards to create an innovative, integrated portal to access all of our Client’s needs from a single point, using any computer, any operating systems from any location! Our unique gantry uses APIs to fuse previously independent applications into one universal and complete information hub.
This portal is built upon the federation of a pre-existing database that will be analyzed, normalized, cross-walked into a single, consolidated master database that can be cross-referenced with parallel systems for duplicity and validation using sophisticated record matching algorithms.


Our Analytical Dashboard, customizable to the needs of the Client. It is designed to detect and follow patterns in data reports including, but not limited to: climatic, health, financial, demographic, historic. Through in-depth analysis of these data sets, together with the use of machine learning, our system can even provide predictive algorithms. INSiGHT then displays the information in streamlined and user-friendly reports and graphs.


MEDSiS solutions incorporate cutting-edge digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, cloud technologies, mobile computing, and social media to optimize insight, enhance forecasting and centralize control in order to protect the accuracy and integrity of the information, as well as increase accountability within and throughout the newly-connected organization.
With multi-national offices, MEDSiS has provided solutions to various markets around the Globe…

Population Management, including registrations and records control. NEW! Smart IDs for refugees & internally displaced persons.

National Benefit Services. Centralized control for financial, health, educational, and other National benefits.

Healthcare Management, including registration and records control.

Employee management & records