Making the world


Problems we know exist in countries

In so many countries, doctors are forced to treat patients without proper medical records. There is no education for the displaced or under-resourced. There’s little to no access to banks for the farmer needing to buy materials and the mom who wants to start her own business. Insecure borders make theft and human trafficking commonplace. The core issue that lies at the center of these problems is identity. There is no system of identification that is integrated across an entire government construct. Without it, health systems, education and finance will never achieve stability.

How we solve the problems

We convert complex problems into simple solutions. By using pragmatic thinking, Medsis identifies problems by looking at the root cause and contributing factors while seeking to understand the environment in which it exists. Changing the world happens one person at a time and identifying that person is the first step in identifying their need. Medsis will bring personal medical records to their fingertips. A quality, electronic education from wherever they are. And a multitude of financial services such as pension, insurance, micro-credit and payroll. It’s for everyone. And it’s free.

Why we’re different

Medsis is a solutions provider, implementing existing technology or developing our own to design the perfect tool for the job. While technology is our primary tool, it is not our focus. We’re not a Big Data company interested in selling data and limited by our own systems. And we’re not just an identity company restricted to identity management. We are a hybrid of both with solutions for the individual in mind. People are at the heart of what we do and a better life for all is what we’re after.

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